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The boy who lived

I've just finished watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, on tv. It suddenly reminds me of my love for these books and Hogwarts and those characters, the magical world J.K.Rowling managed to create, or more like "to combine" elements from mythology to create something that exists at the same time that the muggle world. Did you know that one of the texts we had to read at the English level test was one about J.K.Rowling?, because she is (or was, I'm not sure right now) the richest woman in Britain.

I feel very sorry for Harry and the loss of his parents. When I see Harry looking at the Erised mirror I always start weeping. Poor thing only wants to see his parents and be with them. And I absolutely LOVE what Dumbledore tells him after he finds him in front of this mirror. I think this book (and the entire saga) is filled with much wisdom. It is a better saga than most people believe. I also believe that most ringers (fans of the lotr) have too many prejudices and they could enjoy these books if they gave them a chance. They're missing a lot of things: how Neville Longbottom (as well as the rest of characters) grows up from the first book to the last one and the important lessons about love and life that Rowling spreads through the story.

Yesterday, I was thinking about the continuous discussion about Eowyn and Arwen, from the lord of the rings, and what makes you a hero. Well, something I learnt from the Harry Potter books is that the hero doesn't have to be the one that fights with a sword or a wand, the hero doesn't have to "do something", doesn't have to be an "active" character as we believe. Sometimes, the hero is that person who inspire people to do something themselves. That is also a powerful symbol. Harry often inspires the people at Hogwarts to act against Voldemort. Even when it seems he's got lucky and is helped by others is because he, in some way, inspires them to help him and so be more active and better people.
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