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Título: Wicked. memorias de una bruja mala
Original title: Wicked, the life and times of the wicked witch of the west
Author: Gregory Maguire
508 pages

This is a story that makes me look The Wizard of Oz with other eyes. I'll never be able to look at the wizard of Oz the same way after reading Wicked, because God, he was such a bastard. And the Evil Witch of the West isn't as evil as we thought. She, Elphaba, who never believed she had a soul, is a poor soul indeed, an instrument in the hands of destiny. In a certain way it made me think of Supernatural and the "team free will" Elphaba thought she was doing things on her own, guided by her will, but in fact she was just a toy, created and grown by the same man she hated.

Anyway, the wizard of Oz was really REALLY A BIG BASTARD. Cruel, stupid, egocentric,... I think Elphaba was right in her hate towards him and I feel sorry for her because she felt frustrated, because no one around her seemed to react. People around her just let things happen and they expect these things (problems) get solved by themselves, or by destiny.

I liked the way the author wrote how Dorothy killed Elphaba, like it wasn't her intention to kill her. It's funny how things turned out, the Wizard leaving Oz. And it was because Elphaba was killed that he left. You know, it's part of what I don't understand of this story, how eveything is connected (as Charlie Crews would say)

I'm not sure I understood this story, but I'm sure I won't read it again; I'm sorry but it has been too much for me. But it's really cool and it's very imaginative, and adult too.
Tags: libros, libros:2010

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